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I got a call from a mormon friend asking me how things were going during my vacation and if I’d ended up getting baptized. I told her that I decided to stop investigating the church for good. Obviously I got the question “why?” , and considering its late, I didn’t want a debate and the answer is…


When I was eight, I got baptised. I remember my mom telling me she was so proud of the choice I made. But when I turned 13, I remember telling her I didn’t want to attend church any more. She told me I was too young to make a decision like that. I realized then that I only had the illusion of choice. If it wasn’t in the confines of my parents beliefs, then it didn’t exist.

"Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

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I Don’t Want to Lose This War
by. Victoria Katheryn
The world seems utterly blind,dogs sharpen their teeth to gnaw at the woundsthat were carved into the crevices of my mind.I don’t want to lose this war,I plead.I bleed……hope begins to sail off on liquid crimson.It floats to a foggy island in the distance,as my eyes struggle to meet the hazy horizon,I howl,I don’t want to lose this war.I build a boat to ride the sea,it consumes my tears but begins to drown the rest of me.I don’t want to lose this war.I begin to sink,deep,down,I weep,“Just pleasedon’t feed me tothe wolves.”Wolves of greed,that corrupt the pure,and enslave the freed.I don’t want to lose this warwith –warmongers, preachers, and kin,with –lovers, haters and spectators,all nesting under my skin.I don’t want to lose this war,with –doctors, sickness and disease,with –liquor, needles and false remediesI don’t want to lose this war.Voices begin to ring,producing an unbearable sting,it rips open my spine,and I cry,as wings rise out of my flesh.I don’t want to lose this war.High,and free,light as a feather,I soar and repeat,I don’t want to lose this warwith -…myself.

How do you keep sane when you don’t believe in the lds church, but have to take a college Book of Mormon class???

Anonymous asked - "I'm worried this will come across as harsh, but it's not okay. If somebody wants to leave, you have to let them leave, no matter how hard it is. It is not okay to try to pursue a relationship with somebody who has made it clear they no longer want to. It's not okay for you to do that to somebody, to put them through that. You don't get to decide their course, and you don't get to try and convince them to change. That is not you're right, it is not your place. You have to let them go."



Oh, the freak’n pain in this, but so true

Religion Recovery Status

After all these years of being stuck in a coma,
and trying to break out of it.
I am finally able to open my eyes…
while most of my body is
to the bed.
p.s: I feel evil writing this.