Let's not talk about that at dinner

Me: "You have something on your nose."

Luke: [age 9] "Did you know that the Egyptians took out their brains through their noses when they were making someone into a mummy? They sucked it out with like a turkey baster or something."

Me: "Let's not talk about that at dinner."

Luke: "Okay. How about zombie blood?"

Me: "Um, no."

Beth: [age 5] "We could talk about aliens!"

Me: "That sounds good. What about aliens?"

Beth: "Alien BOOGERS!"

Luke: "Alien POOP!"

Me: "Seriously? We're in a restaurant."

Luke: "We could talk about people getting eaten by bears."

Me: "No."

Luke: "Why not? I bet nobody here has been eaten by a bear."

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To Live In His Holy Name

Born to believe that my body, my life does not belong to me,

it is only given for me to use for a test.